Sun room


Întregul concept al pensiunii are rolul de a simplifica lucrurile pentru a ajunge la esențial.

26  m²



Own bathroom with a shower stall

Parking lot

Communal lounge


Double bed




Towels and toiletries

Non-smoking rooms


Shared kitchen


Tourist info

Business facilities (photocopier and scanner)

In the SUN bedroom, solar symbols irresistibly saturate the shape and ornaments of objects in the traditional ambiance. The main element of this room is the little bench that features symbols taken from distaffs found in the area of the Apuseni Mountains.

Elements from its ornaments are also found on all other objects in the room. Thus, the sun is represented in many ways: the wheel without spokes or the potter’s wheel, signifying peace, tranquility, stability and wellbeing.

It is also found in the rhombus painted on the doors of the closets, in the shape of the nightstands, as well as on the back of the little bench and on the mirror. The flower with twelve petals represents the twelve months of the year and symbolizes the sun.

Folk tradition says that the sun was created when man realized his loneliness and became afraid of it. The sun symbolizes the source of life. It perishes with every sunset, only to be reborn in the morning.

SUN room – 26.5 m2

Located on the upper floor

Furniture and concept: ȘEZI

Joinery: Wooden Doors Internațional

Dulapul val

Dulapul este sculptat, cu valuri și soare, exprimând ritm și mișcarea apei. Modelul este preluat de pe ancadramentul ușii de intrare într-o biserică din Băița. Simbolurile de pe dulap sunt repetate pe pat, măsuță și ușă. Valurile mereu reluate, într-un ritm egal, înseamnă respirare, puls, curgere, rostogolire a clipelor prin istorie.