Nature room


Întregul concept al pensiunii are rolul de a simplifica lucrurile pentru a ajunge la esențial.

26  m²



Own bathroom with a shower stall

Parking lot

Communal lounge


Double bed




Towels and toiletries

Non-smoking rooms


Shared kitchen


Tourist info

Business facilities (photocopier and scanner)

Nature has the simplest language, one that we all understand, regardless of where we are. All around the world, the messages of nature still guide us today. The NATURE room is on the upper floor. Its magic comes from each symbol that is sculpted or painted on the furniture. The central piece is the wardrobe inspired by the stately 1909 residence of a general.

The furniture in this bedroom is an example of Brâncovenesc style, which is decorated with flower and plant motifs. The seat of the chair is the longitudinal section of a tulip, while the seat back represents a stylized lily. The legs of the nightstands are hand sculpted and depict plants climbing toward the infinite, while the lines of the table echo the silhouette of the chairs.

Moreover, the Neo-Romanian style, which is the basis of the house’s architecture, is also emphasized in this room. The green wardrobe was included in an unusual exhibition held in 2020 at the Cantacuzino Castle.

The NATURE bedroom is the right fit for you if you’re the type of person who notices fresh green leaves in the spring or the scent of acacia flowers and if you’d like to experience a little bit of outdoor life… indoors.

NATURE room – 26 m2

Located on the upper floor

Furniture and concept: ȘEZI

Joinery: Wooden Doors Internațional

Dulapul val

Dulapul este sculptat, cu valuri și soare, exprimând ritm și mișcarea apei. Modelul este preluat de pe ancadramentul ușii de intrare într-o biserică din Băița. Simbolurile de pe dulap sunt repetate pe pat, măsuță și ușă. Valurile mereu reluate, într-un ritm egal, înseamnă respirare, puls, curgere, rostogolire a clipelor prin istorie.