Living room


Întregul concept al pensiunii are rolul de a simplifica lucrurile pentru a ajunge la esențial.

26  m²



Aer conditionat

Bucătărie comună

Facilități business- copiator, scanner

Pat dublu

Salon comun

Uscător de păr

Baie proprie, cu cabină de duș

Camere nefumători

Informare turistică

Prosoape și produse de igienă



The Doily Table and the twelve chairs are the pieces de resistance of the Potters’ House lounge. The table is three meters long. Its almost 1500 holes form a traditional Romanian pattern. This wooden lacework allows light to pass through, forming a carpet of light and shade on the floor. Around the table, which was also exhibited at the Cantacuzino Castle, are twelve sculpted chairs which represent the male-female balance and which include symbols such as the star, the sun, the column, the pillar of the house, the cross, and the four-leaf clover. The Column of the Infinite shelf fits in perfectly and is part of the collection.

This space represents the meeting place. Much like the end of each year, every day is a new beginning. Quality time is to be spent in communal spaces with your loved ones. The living room unifies multiple concepts and represents a whole.

We drew on the past for the concept of the living room. We remembered that in folk tradition the transition between years is represented as a link in a chain composed of twelve days and twelve nights. Throughout this period, people drop everything else and earnestly deal with Time – they restore it, regenerate it, and fix what’s broken. If they didn’t, the world would come to an end. Without people, Time would die. By extinguishing the fire (a light), they close the cycle of a tired Time. By relighting the fire (a light), they allow a new cycle to begin.

Welcome to the Potters’ House boarding house!

Dulapul val

Dulapul este sculptat, cu valuri și soare, exprimând ritm și mișcarea apei. Modelul este preluat de pe ancadramentul ușii de intrare într-o biserică din Băița. Simbolurile de pe dulap sunt repetate pe pat, măsuță și ușă. Valurile mereu reluate, într-un ritm egal, înseamnă respirare, puls, curgere, rostogolire a clipelor prin istorie.