The entire concept of the guesthouse is to simplify things to get to the essentials.

26  m²



Air conditioning

Shared kitchen

Business facilities - copier, scanner

Double bed

Common lounge


Private bathroom with shower cabin

Non-smoking rooms

Tourist information

Towels and hygiene products



First I opened my eyes and ears to the stories and traditions of Gorj and especially of Baia de Fier. The ZBOR room is located on the ground floor of the guesthouse and is the space where the story of the "Potters' House" continues, about flying from the nest and the importance of roots.

The detail on the cabinet is inspired by the old dowry chests in Baia de Fier, from the 1800s. The rhombus and the angles that form it are symbols that represent flight, the harmony between masculine and feminine, but also signify the earth. In the Romanian port, the rhombus is one of the most sewn signs.

Also in the ZBOR room you can find the "Roots and Wings" bench, its story starting from a quote from a book: "Good parents give their children roots and wings". The furniture is carved, carved or painted, specially designed for the House of Potters, and was part of a unique exhibition at the Cantacuzino Castle.

Like the SOL bedroom, the story of the ZBOR room invites you to reflect on your roots and origins.

Dulapul val

The cabinet is carved with waves and sun, expressing the rhythm and movement of water. The model is taken from the frame of the entrance door to a church in Baița. The symbols on the wardrobe are repeated on the bed, side table and door. The waves always repeated, in an equal rhythm, mean breathing, pulse, flow, rolling of moments through history.