Earth room


The entire concept of the guesthouse is to simplify things to get to the essentials.

26  m²



Own bathroom with a shower stall

Parking lot

Communal lounge


Double bed




Towels and toiletries

Non-smoking rooms


Shared kitchen


Tourist info

Business facilities (photocopier and scanner)

Origins are essential. This is the place where our story, and implicitly this room’s story, actually begins. This is how we came to assign meaning to each room and to give it life through the story we’ve created.

The EARTH room is about the origins of the area where the boarding house is located, Baia de Fier. We revive forgotten symbols and preserve the image, but change the form of expression by using painting instead of chiseling. The wardrobe is inspired by the pattern on a dowry chest from Baia de Fier. Local symbols were the inspiration for this room. The notched and painted flower-of-life pattern on the little stool is inspired by a dowry chest from the Gorj area.

These furniture pieces were exhibited in the Cantacuzino Castle bedrooms that once belonged to the eponymous family. The furniture in every room is meant to enrich the boarding house and tell its story, as well as to provide a functional and comfortable experience.

Choose the EARTH bedroom if you’d like to better connect with the place you’re in and if you’d like to know more about the locals. The room is on the ground floor of the boarding house and has its own bathroom and balcony.

EARTH room – 19.5 m2

Located on the ground floor

Furniture and concept: ȘEZI

Joinery: Wooden Doors Internațional

Dulapul val

The cabinet is carved with waves and sun, expressing the rhythm and movement of water. The model is taken from the frame of the entrance door to a church in Baița. The symbols on the wardrobe are repeated on the bed, side table and door. The waves always repeated, in an equal rhythm, mean breathing, pulse, flow, rolling of moments through history.