Wave room

Wave room


Air conditioning

Shared kitchen

Business facilities - copier, scanner

Double bed

Common lounge


Private bathroom with shower cabin

Non-smoking rooms

Tourist information

Towels and hygiene products



In the VAL Bedroom, the story starts from the water wave. “What we know is a trickle. What we do not know is an ocean” (Isaac Newton). The mirror, evocatively named "Beautiful Child from the Tear," suggests the drop that changes our perceptions.

The cabinet is carved with waves and sun, expressing the rhythm and movement of water. The model is taken from the frame of the entrance door to a church in Baița. The symbols on the wardrobe are repeated on the bed, side table and door. The waves always repeated, in an equal rhythm, mean breathing, pulse, flow, rolling of moments through history.

The VAL chair has wolf's teeth which, according to folk legends, protect you from evil, and waves stitched with blue thread carry you through the present. The waves can often be confused with wolf's teeth, and by joining they form the column - eternity, the connection between heaven and earth, an element that also appears on one of the bedside tables.

The entire concept of the guesthouse is to simplify things to get to the essentials.

VAL room area – 27 m2

Located upstairs